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5 Top Fitness Questions Asked By You

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4 years ago, when my son was born, I returned to exercise and didn’t have access to any of the information that I’m going to tell you. I went back to my regular routine without rehabbing or retraining and possibly did myself more harm than good--I say possibly because I didn’t learn about the importance of diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunctions back then.

I did things differently during and after my second pregnancy.

Since starting Mom’s Fitness Boutique, expectant and new moms email me their questions and I personally read and answer all of them!

I care about your physical and mental well being and want to give you the very best information.

Our bodies are incredible and we need to treat them well and asking the right questions to the right people will empower you to make informed decisions about your exercise programming. If you don’t see your question here, be sure to send me an email and I will be happy to help!

How soon can I get back to exercise? You can start as early as 2 weeks ( if you had an uncomplicated, vaginal birth), with a program specific to retraining your core and pelvic floor. Other great choices include: swimming, walking, and gentle yoga.

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It's been 6-weeks since I had my baby, the doctor gave me the okay to start working out again. What should I do? Again, you need to start with something that is low impact and retraining your core and pelvic floor is a must! Think about fitness for rehab. Slow and steady wins the race on this one.

Is it normal that I pee a little when I work out? This is common but not normal. It’s an indication that your pelvic floor has a dysfunction and it’s best to see a pelvic floor physio for treatment. Yes, it CAN be treated!

I want to lose this tummy and I can’t, no matter what I try. What am I doing wrong? It’s always great to see that new moms want to do good for their bodies and it’s even better that they’re committed to staying active. Over the years, we’ve been trained to think that we need to do various crunches, planks and other high-intensity workouts to lose the weight around our midsection but what is not always assessed is whether there may be some separation of the abs (diastasis recti). If there is a diastasis, then crunches and planks will do more harm than good! Your first step to know for sure is to get assessed. You can assess yourself by follow the instructions here. Then, you can do a program that retrains your core and restores it’s function, and as always, I always recommend that you see a pelvic floor physio. Most importantly, discontinue your exercise program until you’ve been assessed by a Pelvic health professional.

How fast can I lose the weight? I get this one a lot and at one time, I couldn’t wait to drop the weight myself so I understand the urgency. This will be a process and you need proceed with care. Your body need time to heal and this is not something that may take some time. Before starting anything too intense, start with light impact movements and core retraining. Your core and pelvic floor with thank you in the long run! Mom’s Fitness Boutiques Online Training has programs that are designed specifically for new moms and you gradually build week by week.

Do your best to eat well. Eating good quality food will help with the recovery process and help

with the weight loss. The important thing to remember that it took time for your body to adapt to your developing baby and it will take time after delivery as well. Go easy on yourself and be patient. Every body is different and some may lose it faster than others and that’s okay. Your body has done something incredible and you are beautiful!

Having a new baby brings on a lot of joys and a lot of changes, so be kind to yourself. Your stress levels are probably a bit higher than before and I bet you’re pretty tired!

When it comes to working out post delivery, start slow. Start with 10 minutes and every couple of weeks, add in 5 more. You don’t need to go high impact so soon. Your pelvic floor has carried a lot of weight for the last little while and starting off with any kind high-impact movements like bouncing, running or jumping may do more harm than good.

Take care of your baby body,


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