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To Every New Mom; You Don't Need To Be Transformed!

Full discosure: I was saving this post for closer to New Years but I couldn't keep my frustration in any longer. The weight loss and fitness marketing targeted for women, especially new moms is upsetting me to the point of losing my mind. I can't keep this in for another day let alone a couple more weeks. I am so angry with the fitness industry right now and I can't stand how they are marketing to us. Here is my rant!

I mean, everywhere on social media, I’m starting to see a TON of posts about transformation programs and my head is spinning! We are constantly being told that there’s something wrong with our bodies and that we need this transformation program starting in January. The underlying message is that we need to lose weight and be super fit to be worthy of loving ourselves. I call BULL SHIT!

It blows my mind that in order to sell fitness, the marketing out there suggests that we need to lose weight, get toned, and push to completely over exert ourselves to the point that we can’t catch our breath. I also find it disturbing that women are being targeted at the most vulnerable times in their lives. If you are a new mom, this isn’t the time to be focusing on weight loss, it’s a time to focus on your recovery and adjusting to your new life.

Mom and Child

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is a wonderful benefit to your postpartum recovery as well as can help you lose your weight gradually and safely. It’s important to know that your body has changed and your hormonal profile is different which means your fitness routine needs to be flexible and M.E.D (Minimum Effective Dose).

Your body becomes a little extra stressed especially in the first year postpartum and that has an effect on how your body responds to diet and exercise. If you’re awake multiple times a night your body may not be recovering enough for high-intensity training programs to be effective. This may also exhaust you even more, leaving you emotionally and physically stressed. You can still strength train and do low impact cardio (swimming,biking, elliptical, and walking) but over exertion is not recommended for both your physical and emotional health.

But here’s another idea, let’s throw in some “nutritional guidance” or “customized meal plans” to make you see quick results while you run yourself ragged for this “transformation program”, which has been put together by someone that has no idea the hormonal changes that are going on within a new moms body (enter sarcasm here!). New moms need everything they can get nutritionally and they don’t need to worry about portion control, restriction or calorie counting. They don’t need to worry about prepping a week’s full of meals when they haven’t slept for days, Yes, nutrition is important and getting the right foods in is helpful to your postpartum recovery but when you’re in survival mode, you don’t need this crap too.

You’ve had a baby, you do not need to be aggressively working out and the only nutritional advice you get, needs to come from a Registered Dietitian or Naturopathic Doctor, not someone who provides or sells it in their fitness program. You need to get fitness and nutrition advice with someone who is very well educated in prenatal and postnatal health. This health care provider can give you the best advice for your unique needs. Every woman and every body is so very different. A one see fits all program will get you results but may not be ideal for your body at this point in your life.

Seeing these ads make me sick to my stomach and I am so sorry that you have to see them too!

So do yourself a favour come January first and skip the “transform your body” programs. There is NOTHING wrong with your body, in fact, it’s amazing. Having a baby is pretty darn incredible and if you asked me, you don’t need to be transformed in 30-days. Whether you're 6 weeks or 16 years postpartum, skip the resolution!

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