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What You Need To Know When Working With A Personal Trainer or Coach

Hiring a personal trainer isn’t the luxury it once was. There are many options for folks who don’t have private villas in Aspen or jet setting lifestyle. With group training options like my very own Group Fitness Design and Online Fitness Design, you can pretty much find a great quality fitness program that isn’t going to break the bank!

When I started Mom’s Fitness Boutique, I wanted to give moms just like you excellent care and fitness programming that is easily accessible and affordable because after baby arrives, it isn’t always easy to get out of the house.

From time to time, in every trainer’s career, we have an ‘ah ha’ kind of moment. We are very hard

Trainer and client

working people whose job is take care of others. We are trainers because we love to help people achieve their goals and walk with pride. We are educators who want to teach you everything that we know so that you can be empowered to take control of your health. We want to see you succeed.

Hiring a trainer or joining a group training program shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is an investment on your part and most trainers are worth every penny. After all, to work with a great trainer, you get so much more than a workout that’s thrown together on a piece of paper. So, if you’re planning to hire a trainer/coach, join a premium fitness class or invest in online training, here is what you need to know.

Many trainers/coaches have to take multiple courses every year to keep their certification from expiring. This can cost thousands every single year. We are constantly upgrading our skills to not only provide the best care possible to our clients but also to keep our jobs. If you’re wondering why one program costs fitness program $50 and the other cost $500, their education and experience is a huge factor.

We will spend hours on hour fitness programming. Each program is unique to each client or group training program and this isn’t something that is thrown together in just a few minutes. We take into consideration things like: past injuries (I look at birth trauma, pelvic floor retraining, core rehab in addition to this), medical history, past and current fitness level, goals, lifestyle habits and an initial assessment. There are different training methods for different goals. Want to put on muscle, then a program with a hypertrophy (muscle building) focus is created. Want to run a marathon? Want to lose weight? Pelvic floor dysfunction? You see, one size doesn’t fit all.

Even some fitness classes and group training programs require hours of planning because there are modifications for different fitness levels and some that specialize in a specific area, require careful and strategic planning. This is where a trainer/coaches expertise comes into play. Some may go above and beyond by offering additional workouts, group coaching via Facebook, or accountability challenges (All of my paid programs offer all of the above plus a few extras)

Your trainer doesn’t get paid if you don’t show up, so many will have a cancelation policy of 24 hours. Most trainers are understanding and will let this slide from time to time. If it isn’t something that happens regularly, they are happy to make arrangements with you. However, if you’re consistently a no-show or not giving the typical 24 hours notice, you may lose your sessions because their time is valuable, too. They set aside that hour just for you and they spent a lot of time putting together your program so that you can see results-not waste your time and money.

Specialty group training sessions and classes are a less flexible but are offered at great rates because of the group setting. If you join a group training program that has a set time period, lets say 6-weeks for example, chances are you may not be able to make up your missed classes. Some may offer a 1 time exception or if you know that you’re going to be missing a couple of session because of previous engagements, they may work that out with you. Not showing up for your scheduled session on a regular basis, showing or canceling last minute is a lack of respect to not only your trainer/coach, but to your entire group. They’re investing in this journey too.

When you sign up for a group session, keep in mind that you are working with a group. My Group Fitness Design programs like Post-Baby Rehab and Finding Your Strength only allow for 4-5 women. this is because I want to give you a personal training experience with individualized care. Some group programs like these are not designed to be drop-ins, meaning that they are not for you to pop in whenever you like. These typically focus on progression and specialize in a certain area (for example: Post-Baby Rehab specialized in core rehab and fitness for new moms) Programs like this usually have a start and and end date and will require a commitment. So, if you’re interested in a program like this, you will be paying for the spot and not each session. If you need something that offers drop-ins for more flexibility, your local gym will have a variety to chose from. Keep in mind, you may not get the same level of care or service when you chose a program of this nature.

Just because you hired a trainer/coach or joined a fitness class, doesn’t mean you will see measurable results, especially right away. For many, it will take some time and effort. It takes time to change your eating habits and it takes time for your body to learn to move. If you are only with your trainer for a once of twice a week, that’s only a couple hours-what you do outside of that counts too. This has to be the most frustrating thing in any fitness program but our bodies are doing important work on the inside and it may take time to see it on the outside.

You may not see results until you reach your ‘ah ha’ moment which can be a couple sessions in or couple years in. In my experience with clients, the “ah ha’ is where it all comes together, they show up to every session and put in they work outside of their sessions as well. They learn that working out goes beyond the workout itself. It take time, commitment and consistency. It also isn’t perfect and there will be times that life happens but by no means does that require you to give up. It requires you to expect that there are going to be bumps in the road from time to time. Don’t give up when you find yourself in this spot!

Join a sisterhood of moms just like you who are ready to a little balance back into their lives. Click the image above and start your free 6-Week Vibrant and Balanced in Motherhood Self Care Challenge today.

The journey isn’t always going to be easy and you WILL feel like you’ve failed--this doesn’t just apply to your fitness program or results. Life happens and you may feel like crawling under a rock. Everyone has been there at one point or another. Talk to your trainer/coach about what is going on and they will listen. That’s what they are there to do. What happens in your life matters and your trainer/coach can help you find a way to make your program work for you or make arrangements with you. The thing is, you have to communicate what you need. If you don’t, your trainer/coach won’t know how to help and may get frustrated.

Your trainer/coach is human. Your trainer has made mistakes, over indulged, skipped workouts, you name it. We are far from super human and we are not on a higher level than you. The only difference is our skillset. We genuinely want to be your biggest support and we’re extremely honoured when you chose us to work with. We’re not here to judge or make you feel insecure. We respect your courage for reaching out and deciding to work towards your goals, what ever they are.

Remember that your trainer/coach will have rough nights, sick kids, and roadblocks in their lives too. We are no different than you. When you chose to work with us in a group training session, one on one or online, your trainer is making a commitment to work with you and show up when scheduled. Your goals matter and they want to see you thrive in ways you never thought were possible but you have to meet them halfway. Just because you paid for their service, doesn’t give you the right show up when it suits you or be disrespectful. They want to work with you, educate you and support you. They really do want to make a difference.


Online Fitness Design is Here and I am on of the few trainers in the world who is certified!

In response to unprecedented demand I’ve been working on something special and…

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For nearly a decade I’ve been working with clients in my studio and in their homes. Together, we’ve had some pretty special moments:

Terrell helped give me the push and confidence I needed to get back on track with my exercise plan. She is very patient and went at a pace that was right for me which I totally appreciated. She offered a lot of support outside of workout times as well which was helpful for me. My biggest issue is putting myself first and investing in me and Terrell really helps you stay focused on just that!”

Because of the amazing technology that’s now available, I’m now able to take on clients around the World.

I’ve built a couple different packages for different needs that vary in price and support to ensure that you get exactly what you need in terms of direction, accountability, and support and don’t pay for anything more.

I’m only offering a few spots, so if you’re ready to make a change, let’s do this! My success is your success. I’m here to make sure you kill it with your fitness goals.

To apply,click here or send me a message directly on my website.

Oh, and I offer a guarantee on all of my services because I’m so sure that it’ll work for you.

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