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About Mom's Fitness Boutique

Mom’s Fitness Boutique will empower you to feel strong and confident on the inside out.  You can find restorative group training classes, private personal training, and online fitness coaching that provides you with strategies to build the strongest body possible.

Mom's Fitness Boutique's main focus is core/pelvic floor retraining, strength & conditioning and most importantly providing you with emotional support during the most vulnerable time in your life.





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Training one-on-one with Terrell was an incredible experience. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the fitness world, and I really felt it was more than just physical training; it was the trifecta of mind, body and soul! 


Terrell knows exactly what a mama needs to lose the weight while nurturing the "love your baby body" mantra. 


- Natalie Gassi , Professional Opera Singer


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