Welcoming your tiny human into the world is incredible & so are you! 



“I just don’t feel the same after giving birth, will I always feel this way?”

Sure, you mostly enjoy your new life as a mom, but you’re also getting acquainted with a new you and a new body and you’re not exactly sure where to get started.


And now you’re overwhelmed by getting used to your new self.

With a restorative fitness program that has a focuses on core and pelvic floor healing, you will gain strength and confidence in your beautiful body.  


Whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or a C-Section, Post-Baby Rehab takes you through the healing process-building the strongest body possible.


This 12-Week program can be done from the comforts of home helping you to regain your core and pelvic floor function as well as full body strength giving you both a vibrant and balanced approach as you welcome motherhood.


Having a baby doesn’t always go as expected and many women leave the hospital with little to no direction on how to recover. Most say that they’re given a pamphlet and told to do Kegels (you are going to learn why that’s not the best advice inside this program.


You deserve to feel strong and confident in your body. Not confused by it.

Natalie Gassi, Professional Opera Singer

Training one-on-one with Terrell was an incredible experience. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the fitness world, and I really felt it was more than just physical training; it was the trifecta of mind, body and soul! 


Terrell knows exactly what a mama needs to lose the weight while nurturing the "love your baby body" mantra. 


If you wish to strengthen and feel great about your post-natal self, I strongly encourage you to work with this amazing woman!

I didn't think it was possible not to twist your body and not get hurt - but now I can do everyday movement without hurting myself. I have yet to carry both twins in a carrier for 45 mins (walk to and from school) but was able to go to theme parks in Orlando and wear one child without pain (up to 5 hours per day).



She takes the time to make sure you get personalized attention, makes sure you are performing each move properly. Great environment - you feel comfortable to ask questions, get advice and feel confident in what you are doing.

Michelle Bernard, Mom Of 3 Boys

You and I are a lot alike.


I’ve been where you are, as a busy, working mom of three and always on the go.

It’s s a struggle to find a balance between life’s demands as well taking care of your health at times. This can be stressful when trying to find the “perfect” fitness and nutrition plan.


The worst part: this behaviour is often thought of as healthy.


I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety which made my obsessions with exercise and food before pregnancy much more intense after my son was born.


I was in a miserable place and believed the only way for me to be happy was to get my “pre-baby body” back. That never happened.


I had gotten to a point where I was barely surviving and knew I needed to change. I spoke with my doctor and began treatment for depression. I left the toxic behaviour behind. It took a year and a half and a lot of support to get to a place where I can truly love my body and appreciate its power.

Now, with a decade of experience in the fitness industry, trusted by pelvic floor physiotherapists as well as maternity doctors, as well as a regular speaker at the University of Western Ontario, I’m here to help you. I want to help you achieve the same happiness and the balance to have your life improved by, not consumed by, fitness.

I'm Terrell, And I Hear You.

Restorative Fitness Is A Peace Of Your Self-Care Puzzle.
“Terrell is not only a great mom and all around woman, she is a very empathetic and knowledgable trainer for regular women. Her own story and experience has made her better able to relate to moms who have all kinds of fitness goals, especially pre and post-natally. As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I regularly refer clients to her because I am confident in her skills regarding training women who have core or pelvic floor dysfunction. I'm also impressed by her thirst for knowledge and pursuit of continuing education. She is committed to being the best and doing the best for women in this community and we're lucky to have her”
Ibbe Afolabi-Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, The Mama's Physio

What You Will Receive...


12-weeks of a specialized postpartum fitness plan including core and pelvic floor healing strategies for both c-section or vaginal deliveries.



12-weeks circuits that you can do three to five days a week (or as your time permits). If you need to take a break, not to worry. You can walk away to take care of what you need and return to your workout at your convenience. ($500 value)



Video demonstrations. I show you exactly how to do each exercise so that you can learn the strategies you need to get the most out of this program.($350 value)



Workout trackers so that you can track your progress and celebrate your successes


Post-Baby Rehab Manual. You will learn how your body has changed and how you can function even better than before pregnancy($150 value)


Educational tutorials that will provide guided expertise and explain exactly everything you need to know about diastasis recti, your pelvic floor, fitness, and nutrition. ($300 value)




You deserve to...

Feel confident and ready to conquer the world.

Glute Bridge
Get back to your favourite athletic activities and be fearless.
This is for you if you are ready to heal your core and your pelvic floor as well as regain full-body strength. You will have immediate access to an expertly designed program that provides you with the appropriate exercise strategies to help you in your postpartum recovery.

Are You Ready To For A Full-Body Fitness Solution To Your Post-Partum Recovery?

Sign-Up For Post-Baby Rehab, it's time to feel strong, again.
  • You will be taken PayPal where you will begin your journey. It may take up to 2 hours to receive your confirmation email to gain access. If you do not receive your confirmation within 2 hours, email Simply walk through the onscreen instructions to access your downloadable Post-Baby Rehab series from my website. Please note that prices are in USD


Joining Post Baby Rehab was such a great decision and investment into my mental and physical health. After the birth of my third baby, I really felt that I needed to regain some strength but I wanted to make sure I did it safely. Terrell is very knowledgable in post partum exercise and specifically safety working the core and pelvic floor. It was a fun class and I came away from it with motivation and strength! Thanks

Heather Drew 

Frequently asked questions

I am a grandparent. Do I have a right to see my grandchild?

Grandparents, unfortunately, have no automatic rights to see their grandchild. However, the child has a right to a relationship with their family and if the parents refuse for a grandparent to have contact with a child, the grandparent can pursue the legal process - including mediation, to have formal arrangements in place. If you are a grandparent and seek for arrangements to see your grandchild you should seek legal advice from our expert children solicitors to consider your options.

I am having a disagreement with the child's parents about our grandchild. Do I need to apply to the court straight away?

Not at all. There are a lot of methods for dealing with matters outside of court and court proceedings really should be considered a last resort. Each case is different but generally if you and the child's parents may have tried to reach agreement but can’t, then you may need to consider options such as Mediation; Arbitration or Collaborative Law. Each option has its good points and its drawbacks but they are also all a lot quicker than court and may be a better solution for you and your family then court proceedings.

I have concerns about the parents. What can I do?

Good question. When considering these issues, the options vary depending on the concerns. If they are concerns about the parent’s parenting style or general disagreements about how your grandchild should be raised, then when applying to the court you should also complete a supplemental form which will allow you to outline the concerns that you have. This will be considered by the court and Cafcass when they receive the paperwork and allow them to consider how best to allocate and deal with your case. If however the matter is very urgent, such as a credible threat to remove a child from the UK, then you will need to make this clear in the court forms and seek an urgent hearing from the court.

I’ve heard of a Special Guardianship Order. What is that and how do I apply?

A Special Guardianship Order (SGO) is a court order that gives ‘enhanced’ parental responsibility to someone who is caring for a child who does not otherwise have parental responsibility. It will give you parental responsibility and allow you to make decisions for that child as necessary.

Will I see my grandchildren after the first hearing?

Sadly, not always. The court process can be very lengthy and the courts are by nature quite cautious. They will consider a range of factors (called the ‘Welfare Checklist’) when deciding on any issues and will always have the children’s best interests in mind. This does mean in some cases, where there has been a lengthy gap in you seeing your grandchildren, that the court will want to first reestablish that relationship by way of letters or video calls before directing something more involved such as face to face contact or overnight stays.

All other methods haven’t been successful, how do I apply to court?

There are two main ways of doing this. One is to head to the Ministry of Justice website and find the C100 form. You can either print this off and complete it or you can fill it in online and then print it. Alternatively, you are also able to apply online and there is a shortened form for this. Please remember however that you whichever method you choose, you will need to satisfy the court that mediation has been attempted and has not been successful; that mediation is not appropriate in the case e.g. due to domestic abuse or that because the matter is urgent, there is insufficient time to attempt mediation.

Court forms can be confusing and overwhelming, and you need to ensure that they are completed with the child's best interests in mind. Therefore obtaining legal advice before you apply to court is always helpful.

We are not in agreement over arrangements for our grandchild, what can I do?

We will offer advice about how you can promote or propose arrangements so that your grandchild can continue to have a relationship with both of you.

If you have concerns about the care of your grandchild having arrangements, then we can discuss and give advice on the options such as supervised or supported arrangements.

Who are CAFCASS and why are they involved in my matter?

Children and Family Court Advisory Support Services (CAFCASS) are allocated to cases involving a children dispute that have reached the court.

Their role is to look after the interests of children involved in family court proceedings. Initially, this will involve undertaking background checks on the person applying to court, as well as the other parties and the children. They will also undertake a telephone interview with the parties before the first hearing in order to prepare a safeguarding letter for the court which will outline recommendations about the application.

After the initial hearing, the court can ask CAFCASS to undertake further detailed assessments to provide a final recommendation that the court can use when making a decision regarding the applicaiton.