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This is for you if...

Support Your Healthy Pregnancy


Postpartum Recovery 

Improve Your Health. Love Your Body.
Prepare For Labour, Birth and Postpartum Recovery.
Restore, Rehab, and Retrain Post-Pregnancy to Feel Stronger Than ever.

Feel confident and ready to conquer the world.


Be the best possible Mom, wife, and human being who makes the world a better place.

Say goodbye to fad dieting, “five-minute abs” workouts that do more harm than good, and to retake control of your body.

To reach your personal best, transform your mind, your body, and get into the best shape of your life, and keep it.


What You Will Receive...


  • The body you deserve. Through custom workouts, you’ll maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and prepare for postpartum recovery, rehab your core and pelvic floor, build strength, and have a balanced plan no matter your schedule.


  • A body you can keep. You’ll learn the habits and skills needed not only to get into great shape today but stay in great shape long after your transformation.


  • Vibrant energy throughout the day to keep up with and conquer your demanding schedule.


  • A fitness routine that improves your life rather than consuming it. Every aspect of your plan is customized to empower you. No more restrictive dieting or fitness programs that are impossible to maintain in your hectic life.



  • World class coaching. With over a decade of coaching experience, I’m trusted by Maternity Doctors and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists as well as a regular speaker at the University Of Western Ontario in their well regarded Kinesiology Department. I specialize training for pregnant and postpartum women.


The truth is that poor prenatal and postpartum programming may be more harmful than helpful.

Any old magazine article or quick google search won’t get you the “flat abs” you want.

Can you really leave your health to chance?

You and I know the answer.


You need to work with an expert who’s spent years studying safe fitness practices for women just like you.

It’s time to invest in yourself. As your coach I promise:

Your workouts will be short and strategic, allowing you to stay focused and make consistent progress, even when life gets chaotic. All you need is an hour couple times a week.


You will retrain your core and pelvic floor to properly flatten your “mummy tummy” and restore your pelvic floor to function optimally. This will only take about ten minutes a day.


You will have flexibility with nutrition and put an end to restriction. This will give you the freedom to still indulge from time to time while balancing nutrient dense foods, ensuring that you are getting all of the good nutrition your body needs.

What Personal Training Does for You


Personal Training is much more efficient than going it on your own. Research shows that you are going to reach your goals much faster than you would on your own, which can save you thousands in the long run.  You can invest in your self-care by purchasing one of my Personal Training packages that include: custom workouts, nutritional guidance, printable nutrition and fitness guides, regular check-ins, as well as email support.


Personal Training is All About You.  You will have personalized attention in a timeframe that is all about you. 


I have nearly a decade of experience and multiple certifications when it comes to training prenatal and postpartum women. I understand your unique needs and know how to address common core and pelvic floor related dysfunctions. I get my clients the results they want while meeting them where they’re at.

Is Personal Training Right For Me?

Your Personal Training program is 100% custom based on your current fitness level.


I’d love to be your coach and guide you through this incredible journey. You’ll have to commit to yourself but I can help you become more vibrant and balanced.


Are you ready to get started today?  Apply today.

Hi, I’m Terrell and I hear you!

You and I are a lot alike.


I’ve been where you are, as a busy, working mom of three and always on the go.
It’s s a struggle to find a balance between life’s demands as well taking care of your health at times. This can be stressful when trying to find the “perfect” fitness and nutrition plan.


The worst part: this behaviour is often thought of as healthy.


I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety which made my obsessions with exercise and food before pregnancy much more intense after my son was born.


I was in a miserable place and believed the only way for me to be happy was to get my “pre-baby body” back. That never happened.


I had gotten to a point where I was barely surviving and knew I needed to change. I spoke with my doctor and began treatment for depression. I left the toxic behaviour behind. It took a year and a half and a lot of support to get to a place where I can truly love my body and appreciate its power.

Now, with a decade of experience in the fitness industry I’m here to help you. I want to help you achieve the same happiness and the balance to have your life improved by, not consumed by, fitness.

Are you thriving or just surviving?

Natalie, Professional Opera Singer

“Training one-on-one with Terrell was an incredible experience. She is knowledgeable about all aspects of the fitness world, and I really felt it was more than just physical training; it was the trifecta of mind, body and soul!”

You Can Do This. But You Need The Right Coach and The Right Plan

You can be like Natalie, who became strong, confident, and retook control of her health when she starting trying for a second baby.

You want to feel confident your pregnancy and postpartum fitness programming is going to be helpful, not harmful.


You want to feel empowered by your body but you're finding how confusing fitness information is for prenatal and postpartum women is. You've read to avoid certain moves or to listen to your body (what does that even mean??)


​Or maybe you tried to get into high intensity training, you had a little embarrassing leak or feel a little heaviness “down there” and wondered if it’s normal.

Kayliegh’s results speak volumes. She was able to stay focused on her program, raise her two young children, and graduate with her PhD in Pharmacology.

Kayleigh, Phamacist

“My body is strong again! I don't have backaches constantly and my arms are strong and secure to carry both my boys around when needed. I was even able to carry my younger son in his snugli and all our luggage through the Orlando airport without any problem thanks to our training!”
​You deserve to...

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