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Core Confidence

Ideal for pregnancy, new moms and long beyond.

This is for all women regardless of age and stage of life.  

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • A tummy that will not go away even with proper diet and exercise

  • Feeling the need to pee on a consistent basis

  • Unwanted leakage during high impact exercises, like jumping jacks, jump squats, running, etc

  • Lower back or hip pain that make everyday activities difficult

  • Pressure in your pelvic floor or in more severe cases pelvic organ prolapse

  • Bulging in your abdomen when you crunch or perform other traditional core exercises


This could indicate you have a dysfunctional core and you DO NOT have to live with this!

Optimize your postpartum recovery by completing Core Confidence during your third trimester and restarting soon after the birth of your baby.

Core Confidence Assessment and Core Retraining

In this unique core retraining program, I will assess your core function, and design a safe as well as effective effective release and core exercises to rebuild you from the inside out.  The core activation techniques you will learn can be applied to all types exercise from squats and lunges, to spinning and running.

I have been  Core Confidence certified will Bellies Inc since 2016 and have successfully applied these techniques to my own exercise programs.  From my experience, and passion for helping other women improve their physical health, I am currently in the process of completing the Bellies Inc. Instructor Training course to bring this knowledge and program women from all over the world.

Core rehabilitation, when done consistently and correctly, will help improve the function of your deep core.  Over an 8 week period, with my guidance you will learn and practice proper "core breath", release any overworking muscles, and learn how to activate the "Core 4" muscles through expertly designed program.  The Core 4 is a team of muscles designed to work synergistically in anticipation of our every move.  It consists of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, multifidus  in the back, and the internal abdominals called the transverse abdominus.

By taking the time to practice the Core Breathing, Core 4 activation, and apply them to your everyday movement, you will be see and improvement in your pelvic health, pelvic floor function, proper core activation during exercise, and reduce and possibly eliminate the negative core-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

The Core Confidence Assessment and Training Program consists of an initial 90 minutes assessment, and 7 follow up one-hour sessions where we meet weekly to assess your progress and incorporate additional exercises and techniques to continue improving your Core 4  function. You will be given daily tasks that will ensure your core success.

Available in the MFB studio and online

The Core Confidence Package

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