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Post-Baby Fitness  


Free Guide Reveals...My Most Powerful Tools I Use To Safely Jumpstart Fitness Training

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Rushing back into bootcamps and other traditional fitness programs post-pregnancy may do more harm than good. In this free Post-Baby Fitness Guide, you will learn…

  • The best moves that will work your core and pelvic floor from the inside. Heal your diastasis recti (AKA ab separation) and ease your lower back/hip discomfort while building full body strength.
  • ​Strategic nutritional methods that will maximize your postpartum recovery leaving you feeling energized.
  • The most effective ways to challenge your body without spending hours every day in the gym. As a mom, your time is precious!​
  • Learn self-awareness and regain your confidence without feeling overwhelmed.  

Did You Know...

  • Your 6-week postpartum clearance does not mean that you are fully recovered following the birth of your baby. Your doctor is assessing your uterus, cervix, bleeding, cardio output and looking for any perineal scarring.  They may assess for diastasis recti but they are not assessing your pelvic floor.

  • 100% of pregnant women will get a diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) in their third trimester as measured by an enlarged inter recti distance (Mota et al 2014)

  • 45% of women experience low back pain (LBP) and Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) during pregnancy and 25% postpartum (Wu et al 2004)


  • Spontaneus healing of a DRA only occurs in the first 8 weeks postpartum, beyond that intervention is needed (Coldron et al 2008)


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