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Post-Baby Rehab

Feel strong and confident on the inside out. 

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Does your belly feel different after you had your baby?  Do you feel weak and unstable?  Is there any back, neck or hip pain that you can't seem to shake off?  Is that tummy moving nowhere no matter how many crunches or planks you do?  This is something I very often hear from new moms and even women who had their children a long time ago.  You may have ab separation, (aka diastasis recti)


Research shows that 100% of women have some degree of separation towards the end of their third trimester.  Although a natural piece of the pregnancy process, 60% of those will need to take extra measures to restore their core back to optimal function.


Your body changes during pregnancy and the nature of your birth will impact your healing time.  It’s Important to make modifications to support a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


Your body is beautiful, intricate and incredibly capable (we make babies after all!) However, many live with troublesome issues resulting from pregnancies, delivery, surgery etc. without safe or appropriate solutions to the problems.  Some symptoms of a weak and/or dysfunctional core and pelvic floor:


  • Urinary Incontinence (stress & frequency/urgency)
  • Constipation
  • Pain or discomfort during intercourse
  • Back pain and/or Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Diastasis Recti


Post-Baby Rehab is the only online fitness coaching program of it's kind. It assists in the rehabilitation of your core and pelvic floor while building strength effectively post-pregnancy. This class also prepares you for labour, birth and postpartum recovery during pregnancy.

Love your baby body

Restorative Fitness For New Moms

What is Post-Baby Rehab?

The Original 6-Week Fitness Group Training Program That Heals.  


Post-Baby Rehab is for all moms of all stages.  This is ideal for any type of birth from C-Section, uncomplicated vaginal, forceps, and  V-Back.    


This self-paced program will assist in your recovery safely and effectively in an encouraging and supportive environment and yes, your baby or toddler is always welcome!


You will be shown proper breathing, alignment, and movement patterns that will address any lingering issues like Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and other common postpartum aches & pains while building strength and confidence.  The best part, you get to do all of this within an encouraging, supportive, and motivating environment exclusively online.


Ideal for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding moms.



Post-Baby Rehab Includes:


  • Access to 2 weekly workouts that progressively challenge you each week while building strength and restore your pelvic floor.


  •  Email support for times you need one on one attention and support.


  • Exclusive Facebook group to reach out to celebrate success and encouragement, ask questions and connect with women who are on this journey with you.

  • World class coaching.  With over a decade of coaching experience, I’m trusted by Maternity Doctors and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists as well as a regular speaker at the University Of Western Ontario. I specialize training for pregnant and postpartum women.


Mom and baby workout

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I didn't think it was possible not to twist your body and not get hurt - but now I can do everyday movement without hurting myself. I have yet to carry both twins in a carrier for 45 mins (walk to and from school) but was able to go to theme parks in Orlando and wear one child without pain (up to 5 hours per day).
Even in a group setting, she takes the time to make sure you get personalized attention, makes sure you are preforming each move properly. Great environment - you feel comfortable to ask questions, get advice and feel confident in what you are doing.

 Michelle Bernard

Very mom-focused; welcoming atmosphere for moms and babies, self-paced and flexible in terms of the workout itself. Terrell is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the postpartum body and women's fitness needs. I look forward to my weekly classes with her.
The workouts are designed to be time efficient and geared towards postpartum rehabilitation..exactly what I was looking for.
Connie Griffin-Montero/Teacher

Hi, I'm Terrell and you and I are a lot alike.


I’ve been where you are, as a busy, working mom of three and always on the go.

It’s s a struggle to find
balance between life’s demands as well taking care of your health at times. This can be stressful when trying to find the “perfect” fitness and nutrition plan.


The worst part: this behaviour is often thought of as healthy.


I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety which made my obsessions with exercise and food before pregnancy much more intense after my son was born.


I was in a miserable place and believed the only way for me to be happy was to get my “pre-baby body” back. That never happened.


I had gotten to a point where I was barely surviving and knew I needed to change. I spoke with my doctor and began treatment for depression. I left the toxic behaviour behind. It took a year and a half and a lot of support to get to a place where I can truly love my body and appreciate its power.

Now, with a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I’m here to help you. I want to help you achieve the same happiness and the balance to have your life improved by, not consumed by, fitness.

It’s time to invest in yourself. As your coach I promise:

Your workouts will be strategic, allowing you to stay focused and make consistent progress, even when life gets chaotic. All you need is one hour a couple times a week.


You will retrain your core and pelvic floor to properly flatten your “mummy tummy” and restore your pelvic floor to function optimally. This will only take about ten minutes a day.


What Online Coaching Does for You!


Post-Baby Rehab Group Training is much more affordable than training one on one with a personal trainer. Training only three times a week can cost up to $1000 a month. For a fraction of that,  you can invest in your self-care by joining Post-Baby Rehab.



I have nearly a decade of experience and multiple and up to date certifications when it comes to training prenatal and postpartum women. I understand your unique needs and know how to address common core and pelvic floor related dysfunctions. I get my clients the results they want while meeting them where they’re at.


Is Post-Baby Rehab Right For Me?
I’d love to be your coach and guide you through this incredible journey. You’ll have to commit to yourself but I can help you become more vibrant and balanced.


To Learn More, Register Early, & Get Over $200 In Nutrition Upgrades By Getting On The

Pre-Sale List.  

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