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Vibrant & Balanced 

HelpingYou Find Your Balance 

Put an end to the exercise and diet trap and start your 4-week fitness Training challenge today!

I'm Terrell and I am passionate about helping you reach your goals, feel strong on the inside and out and, love your body.  Many fitness and nutrition programs force you into restriction and calorie cutting which is far from sustainable.  I'm here to help you climb out of that diet trap and obsessive workout regimes and welcome you to a community of women who are ready to find balance and self-care during this crazy beautiful time in life called motherhood.

Over the next 4-weeks, you are going to receive, customized workouts weekly challenges to get you started on finding your healthy balance. 

Why Dieting Fails Us

Started a diet and workout program and feel totally pumped?


Make significant changes all at once?  

Give up after a few weeks and blame yourself?  


It's not you-your program set you up to crash.

How You Can Succeed

Describe what you offer here. add a few choice words and a stunning pic to tantalize your audience and leave them hungry for more. 

This isn't about being strict with diet and exercise.  There is no good and bad, right or wrong.  You will learn to take your own unique circumstances into consideration. You are complex and have a busy life. We need to work within that and find what works for you AND your family.

Will show you how you can find peace within yourself and help you to make sustainable changes-it just takes time.  

I'm here to end your confusion and show you how you can implement changes that complement your every day life.  I've put together self-care fitness, nutrition and a sisterhood all in one place....and it's free and it's entirely online!

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You Can Live a Happy And Healthy Life Without Gimmicks. I Will Show You How!

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