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When Surviving The 1st Year Postpartum Seems impossible

Bringing baby home is an absolute shock to the I right?

We spend 9 months planning every little detail, the nursery, the clothes and all of the fun activities that we just have to do. There is so much focus during pregnancy, that we don’t think about planning our first few months of our postpartum. Trust me, the first 3 months are the hardest!

Sleeping like a baby actually means the opposite. It means, let’s all live off no sleep and try to keep up with the every day. If you’re lucky, you will have a baby that will easily sleep anywhere, but if you’re like me and millions of other moms, your babies will sleep like poop.

This is extremely stressful and you go into complete survival mode. You may or may not shower, live off frozen pizza and cry--a lot!

You may feel like you will never get through it, even when everyone says that you will.

You may want to scream when you see one of those memes or fitspos because you don’t have the time to brush your hair let alone got to the gym every day and prepare clean meals when you don’t have the energy to drag yourself to the grocery store.

In my Vibrant and Balanced Facebook Group, you will have access to weekly challenges that will boost confidence, fitness and nutrition tips that will educate you and help you to make healthy choices, weekly enjoyable workouts you can easily incorporate into your busy life, and so much more. To gain exclusive access and join a community of women who are done with feeling trapped by fitness and nutrition and who ready to thrive, click here to join today.

If this sounds familiar to you I want to to know that I feel ya! I’m 4 months postpartum with my second baby, suffering from a head cold, taking care of my 2 babies who also have head colds, getting maybe 30 minutes of sleep at time and having a gourmet meal courtesy of Dr. Oetker.

Do the best you can and don’t beat yourself up. Being stressed because you didn’t have the most nutritious dinner, instead you opted for something quick isn’t a big deal. Being stressed that you can only manage one or two small workouts this week isn’t a big deal. This phase in your life is temporary!!! You WILL get through it and you will be able to prepare healthy meals once again. Do your best, take on what you can manage and say no if you need to. Feeling guilty is normal but try not to let it eat you up inside. Talk to someone. The support is huge for your postpartum recovery. Everything else can wait until you’re ready.

You are incredible.

Love your baby body and take care of yourself.

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