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You Don't Need To Be Obsessed To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Christmas is almost here and If you’re anything like me, you’ve just started your shopping because every year, the holidays seem to sneak up on you before you know it!

This is also the time of year for diets, detoxes, and transformations. Fitness and diet marketing is in full force, designed to shame and guilt you into buying their products. Let’s face it, the diet industry is worth over 65 billion bucks for a good reason. They bank on you failing within the first few weeks.

Frustrating, isn’t it? A system that is supposed to help women get to a healthy place, sets you up to fail so that you will keep coming back year after year.

Here is something the diet industry doesn’t want you to know. You don’t need their expensive programs. You need to give yourself time and patience.

This isn’t the typical holiday survival guide that you’re going to see floating around. This isn’t a survival guide at all. You are going to gain some insight into how you can enjoy your holiday season without guilt.

This is the survival guide that is going to give you real life tips that are practical and will work with your current life all year round.

This is the survival guide that won’t make you feel ashamed if you indulge treats.

This is the survival guide that is the anti-survival guide.

Let’s run this down, shall we?

If you want to make changes to your lifestyle and adopt healthy habits, don’t try to go it all at once. This can be too overwhelming and it’s unrealistic to stick long terms.

Gym Shoes

Instead, prioritize the top changes you want to make. If you want to lose weight, great--what does your weight loss plan look like? If you know it’s fitness needs work, where does it need work the most?

Do you need a gym membership or do your workouts at home?

Do you need a coach or a personal trainer to keep you accountable?

What type of fitness programs suit your needs best?

How many days a week can you commit?

You may say you need to get to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours each day. Is that something you can realistically do?

If you want to be successful, be honest with yourself. 5 days a week may be too much to start with and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe start with 2 days for the time being and if that seems manageable, add in another at a later point.


If you do too much too soon, you may find your plan to get to the gym is just not doable, making you feel like you’ve failed when you’ve barely given yourself the chance.

In my Vibrant and Balanced Facebook Group, you will have access to weekly challenges that will boost confidence, fitness and nutrition tips that will educate you and help you to make healthy choices, weekly enjoyable workouts you can easily incorporate into your busy life, and so much more. To gain exclusive access and join a community of women who are done with feeling trapped by fitness and nutrition and who ready to thrive, click here to join today.

You may not see results as quickly as you would with a program that is having you cut a ton of calories, restricting food groups, and have you working out to the point of not being able to catch your breath, but your transformation will be sustainable and less stress.

So do yourself a favour and skip the New Year’s Resolution Transformation trap. Quick fixes never pan out.

Love your baby body,


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