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Stop With Running Yourself Down With New Year's Resolutions For Good.

Christmas is come and gone, now New Year is approaching fast! It’s the time where you start fresh, pack away bad eating habits and commit to a ridiculous fitness plan that not even The Rock can keep up with. But you have to. It’s your New Year’s Resolution, after all.

Let Me Introduce You to Kim

Kim is a mom of a one-year-old daughter, has a successful career where she is very well respected. On the outside, she has a perfect life, but couldn’t seem to get her weight under control.

Kim tried everything from Weight Watchers, to skipping meals, to high-intensity fitness programs that included diet plans that promised big results.

And every year, she would make a New Year’s Resolution to lose the excess weight once and for all.

The only problem was that Kim was looking for quick and easy.

She went for Jenny Craig and signed herself up for a local fitness class, lost some of her weight. Only she was starving and didn’t enjoy microwave dinners. She didn't mesh with her trainer either. Kim felt her trainer spent a lot more time talking to the paticpants which made her felt left out of the group.

Kim was frustrated that she failed yet again with a program that she couldn’t sustain.

Kim decided that she was going to give up...on New Year’s Resolutions, transformation programs, and quick fix diet and fitness programs that she had seen randomly on Facebook.

How Kim Took Charge And Left Her Old Habits Behind For Good

If what Kim was doing what she had been doing for years and it wasn’t working, she knew she needed to take a different approach.

Kim wasn’t going to go all in anymore. She had been gutting her kitchen every time she wanted to lose weight. She’s throw out everything. If it came in a can, box, or bag, it was out! She wasn’t going to sign up for a class that wasn't inline with her values for the sake of losing weight anymore.

Kim set a flexible plan with realistic expectations. If she missed a workout, not a big deal. If she wanted to enjoy some ice cream on a Tuesday, she wasn’t going to feel guilty. Kim was going to try and be patient with her body-something she had never done in the past.

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Kim Finally Understood That She Isn’t Going To See Dramatic Results And Keep Them In 4 Weeks.

But what Kim learned was to pick 1-3 habits that she wanted to change to start with. She made sure that these were habits that she was 100% confident that she could change. If she wasn’t 100%, she’d leave them until she was.

Kim was setting herself for success this time. She was done with failure.

Kim Found A Fitness Program She Enjoyed

The biggest reason Kim couldn’t maintain any kind of fitness program was that she didn’t like how they made her feel during or after. Feeling like she was going to fall over and left exhausted to the point where she couldn’t pick up her daughter.

Kim did these programs because she thought they were programs you’re supposed to do to be fit.

Woman Working Out

When Kim found a program that worked for her, it all clicked. She would get the results she wanted in a realistic time frame if she was patient with herself, found balance in her nutrition so that she could still eat the foods she loved and found a fitness program that worked for her and not her friend on Facebook.

Kim is now getting incredible results and for the first time in her life, she isn't overwhemed by fitness and food. She no longer feels guilty if she cheats on her diet and feels the need to punish herself for doing so.

By making peace with her body, Kim as redicovered her confidence and is feeling stronger than ever!

Are You Ready To Make Peace With Your Body Like Kim?

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can find balance with fitness and nutrition, download my FREE Post-Baby Fitness Guide now!

Love your baby body,


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