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My Online Trainer Academy Review

When I started Mom's Fitness Boutique almost 3 years ago, my plan was to do online training, only I had no clue how to put it together. I tried to wing it and it flopped!

You see, I was a mom of a 2 year old boy and my first priority was to be a mom. I wanted to continue to do what I love, which is working alongside the most incredible women I had ever met but working in a box gym just wasn't in the cards for me. I needed a career that would allow me to have the flexibility to work on my terms so that I could enjoy my family.

I started following Jon Goodman from the Personal Trainers Development Centre at around the same time and found how he had created a life of freedom doing what he loves and traveling the world while doing it. How cool is that??? Not that traveling the world would be something that I could do but knowing that someday I could have a thriving business that I could run online from anywhere was exactly what I was looking for.

I was inspired but I still didn't have a clue on how to put it all together and it took 2.5 years until I found the magic recipe.

Mom's Fitness Boutique Online Fitness Design

Online Fitness Design offers customized fitness personal training packages for busy moms.

In the meantime, I started training clients one on one in their homes and within 3 months, I found out that I was expecting my second baby. Online training was more appealing than ever.

I tried again but this time with a group focus, it flopped and I couldn't figure out what I was missing.

After the birth of my daughter, and another go, and I signed up 2 clients...yay! The thing, my program wasn't set up for my clients to succeed. I offered some support but I was over extending myself. I wasn't giving much-mostly just a workout. Although, my clients wanted a workout-it wasn't what they needed. They needed more from me. They needed me.

Fast forward a year, Jon had released Online Trainers Academy. I hesitated for the longest time. I had been following Jon for a few years and knew that he offered incredible content and invested in some of his trainings and had a copy of Ignite Your Fire but this was going to be a big investment.

As I'm out for a walk with my daughter and I got the email notification that changed it all. This was the last opportunity or I’d be waiting another 6 months. Paypal-done! I haven’t looked back and it was the best thing I did for my online business.

The training was structured in a way that was easy to follow and Jon gave various example of how to train clients online. I discovered what I was missing and suddenly, it made sense.

I no longer just put programs together because that’s what a potential client is looking for. In my personal and professional experience, they’re a big waste of money because no one will follow them long term. Heck, I’ve spend hundreds on these programs myself and I always lose steam. So, I was going to turn my successful one on one training business and flip it to online training. My one on one clients had all been with me long term so I’m going to roll with it and apply it. A customizable program based on my clients needs with the option to transition to be a little more independent if they were ready.

The structure that was laid out in the Hybrid online training that Jon talked about was a no brainer. My clients were going to remain accountable because there was a system in place that would give them just that! Not to mention, I have clients that return to work and my Online Fitness Design program is the perfect way to transition them so they had my support and a plan to succeed on their schedule. They don’t have to give up on their training,wait for another available spot open up or look for another trainer and start from the beginning. This is the perfect solution!

To learn more about building your own online fitness business by downloading your free 16 Lasting Laws of Online Training, swing on over by clicking here.

If you’re thinking or getting started with the Online Training Academy, you have to go for it. Don’t waste time on fumbling through like I did. This has been a HUGE asset to my business and I’ve grown from 2 clients to almost 30 in the last 5 months and I’m expanding to offer more online services. There are many options on how you can run your online business, so you don’t have to use the Hybrid method like me. You can make it your own to suit the needs of your business goals, your clients, and your dreams.

Love you baby body,


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