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Do You Really Need Self-Care During The Holidays?

Self-care is one of those tricky things especially, around the holidays. We get so caught up in the celebrations, shopping and house prepping that exhaust ourselves before hitting the big day.

Look, I’m going to come out and say that self-care has been commercialized. It’s a buzzword that marketers love. If you want to relax and feel like a brand new woman, it requires you to spend a ton of cash. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for a massage and getting my hair done but it’s not actually solving much in the long term.

During the holidays, we reach our max, even before the big day. We become so focused on getting everything done, that enjoying the holiday itself seems impossible. It’s really a lot of work!


Have you gone shopping in the last couple of days--HOLY COW!

Ok, so maybe a little self-care can help with this. If you can minimize stress, even for 30 minutes is a good thing.

Prioritizing self-care or as I like to call it “mental health breaks” is great for the soul and they don’t have to require leaving the house. You can do something as simple as taking a nap if possible or enjoying a cup of tea. My favourite thing to do is watch junk TV. For some reason, the Real Housewives of whatever seems to take my mind off what’s happening and refreshes me on the inside. Even going for a short walk is helpful.

Self-care doesn’t have to require much time, money or effort. You don’t need to plan ahead days in advance but you may need to book an appointment--with yourself.

Love Your Baby Body,


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