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Being Set Free By Your Mindset

What do you know your mindset? Would you like your mindset to se you free?

I struggled with my body image for years. I was overweight then thin, then overweight and then thin again. I first started working out because I wanted to be that “perfect 10” or the “trophy wife”. I thought I would love my body if I was just 10 pounds lighter or less than 130 pounds! I read diet books, bought magazines that promised a tighter but in 10 days, 6 pack abs on this miracle program. I even tried workouts and diet programs from celebrity trainers because they seemed to know what my body needed better than I did. Every single, waking moment was consumed with how to lose weight.

Here’s the thing, if you are struggling with this very same thing, consumed with the perfect body like I was, you may never look at your body in the mirror with kindness and love.

Losing weight cannot be your only goal. If it is ask yourself these questions: What impact will weight-loss have in my life? What will it mean to me to lose x amount of weight? How does the number on the scale define who I am?

I was at the grocery store the other day and there was a magazine headline that caught my eye “Ready For Summer? Get Your Beach Body And Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days”, and the first thing I thought was this was totally something I would have grabbed and tried years ago….then I thought, I actually like the way I look at my body now and I’m not stressed out one little bit!

This was a bit of an Ah Ha moment because I realized that my lifestyle is working for me. I’m not anxious by food or

working out because I gave up trying to be perfect. I’m not deprived of life's simple pleasures and I can have a healthy life because my mindset is healthy.

Perfection is a straight jacket! A little less perfection allows me to be a little less extreme and kind to myself.

Are you haunted by your eating and exercise?

Are you feeling like you're at your best?

Saying that you would like to be a size smaller or 10 pounds lighter every day of your life is probably hurting more than helping. Set yourself free

At some point you need to look at yourself with love and compassion and find a sustainable way for eating and exercising that you actually like. Once you change the weight-loss mindset, weight-loss becomes a by-product.

So back to weight loss. Just saying, “I need to lose 10 pounds,” every day of your life is probably the least helpful thing you can do. “Lose weight” cannot be your forever-goal.

Choosing perfection doesn’t last forever, it can’t because it’s boring--and we need excitement!

Creating built-in relief in your eating day will help you stay the course for longer, and that’s where we choose non-perfection. We eat things that aren’t necessarily “clean” or “on plan,” and it’s precisely because we choose to implement those foods that we are successful. And yes, might even have a better shot at weight loss.

Fall in love with the way you do things.

And I think if you do, you’ll be surprised at how not urgent “lose weight” starts to become in your mind.

Love your baby body,


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