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How To Ignore The Insanity of Resolutions

I was out shopping over the weekend and holy, I dropped a few F-bombs. Where on earth did the holiday spirit go? I mean, I was bumped into, my parking spot was stolen, and I was seeing red.

So why do we do this to ourselves every single year?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but going out and trying to get any it is horribopping done seems impossible!

The nature of what I do is to help moms cope with stress, but this is the time of year where the last thing on everyone’s mind is to take care of themselves. Naturally, stress sneaks in when you’re not taking care of yourself but because I care about you, I’m going to help you prioritize your mental health this holiday season.

My first tip is to make time for yourself and do what makes you feel good. If you enjoy watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then take a break and watch it. Like meditation, make your way to a quiet place and do just that. How about strength training? Taking 5 minutes will make a world of difference.

Tip 2 -Ignore those “How To Survive The Holidays” guide. They will tell you to eat mindfully, limit alcohol and to eat before you go to any kind of function so that you can save a few calories.

I come from the camp of Christmas only comes once a year so enjoy yourself and do what humans have been doing for tens of thousands of years and celebrate. Look, you can stand to have a little fun before you go back to the malls and fight for that last parking spot.


My last and most important tip that you shall not ignore….Do not reward or punish yourself with food or exercise! Now, again, you will see a million posts that are designed very carefully to make you feel bad about what you ate this holiday season or the lack of exercise that occurred. "Reset After The Holidays in Just 21-Days" or "30-Days to a New You" are a couple of my favourites (no, not so much ha!). But all of these “coaches” have the answer and they can solve it it if you do overindulge.

Give yourself permission to enjoy and take the pressure off. Less guilt=less shame and less of both = better self control if needed.

This clever marketing is supposed to make you feel horrible about yourself. They will tell you that you now need to do 800 million burpees to work it all off. Trust me when is say this--YOU ARE NOT UNHEALTHY for having a great freaking holiday!

Look, the holidays are stressful and for some of us, tasty comfort food helps to bring us some calm but what adds more stress, feeling guilty about it. If you overeat I want you to say this, it’s only food. Don’t give it anymore power than that.

Love your baby body,


Post-Baby Nutrition Guide

I have a Post-Baby Nutrition Guide and this isn’t going to tell you what you have to eat to lose weight or what you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. It’s a simple, easy to use tool, non judgemental tool to clear up any confusion around food. For me, the whole “good” and “bad” carb thing always gets me cause I love em all. Not a huge meat eater but would like to incorporate more protein in your diet, find out what plant based proteins can get you what you need. Not sure how much protein you need? There is a calculator included that will tell you exactly what you need.

To download your Post-Baby Nutrition Guide, click here and you will get the instructions delivered directly in your inbox immediately!

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