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It's Okay To Be a Delicate Flower

In a world where us moms are told that we can do it all and that we’re not delicate flowers, I wonder what pressure that’s placing on women with young children.

During my first pregnancy, the last I wanted to be seen as was weak. I’d lift heavy weight and push beyond my limits because I could, not because I needed to. I wanted to prove that my pregnancy wouldn’t slow me down. I know now it’s okay if it does. /growing a human is a hard work!

When my son was born, motherhood wasn’t going to slow me down either. I continued with my regular fitness routine, made sure I did whatever it took to eat clean, keep a tidy house did all of those fun mom and baby activities,, and the list goes on. On the inside, I was falling apart. I felt like I had lost my identity but felt like I had to keep my stuff together because good moms can keep up with everything that’s thrown at them and I wanted to be that good mom.

Many of those mommy blogs had me convinced that this was the right way to be a mom and I thought being miserable was my new normal. This was just the way life was meant to live.

Moms have a lot on their plate and the messages that they are constantly being told that they are strong and they get get through whatever it is they’re going through. These moms reach out on Facebook looking for a little support and and the majority of the comments are about this strength that they’re supposed to always have.

Is this like what we tell little boys when we tell them to “man up” or “boys don’t cry”?

Think about it, we are essentially telling each other to suck it up and be strong in a moment of vulnerability. Is this what a mom really needs to hear? Is this why moms are beyond their stress threshold?

We’re human and there’s a limit to what we can take on sometimes. We can’t always do it all and sometimes, we need to reprioritize what’s important and what can wait.

It’s okay to fall apart and not feel strong at times. There is nothing wrong will feeling overwhelmed and you don’t have to have everything figured out. There will be good days and bad ones….good weeks and bad weeks. Raising tiny humans is a tough gig and we don’t always have to love it.

There is no shame in being a delicate flower when you’re feeling like you’re at your worst. You don’t always have to be perfect or strong. Do what you need to get through and if that means a Netflix binge and a pizza for dinner, go for it!

After all, delicate flowers are beautiful.

Take care of yourself,


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