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Giving Yourself Permission To Heal After Birth

I had a client yesterday, 2 months postpartum, exhausted because her baby has been sick, so needless to say, she’s on the stressed side.

This is what postpartum recovery look like for most moms. There isn’t much time for them to take care of themselves, let alone sleep for a few hours so that they can recharge. Most moms are literally running on empty, pulling whatever they can together just to survive.

We’re reading a lot these days about the injuries sustained in childbirth. We’re learning that the pelvic floor is greatly impacted, many moms have c-section births which is major surgery, and their brains are trying to catch up to the last few hours of their pregnancy and birth process.

This is a lot for a women, emotionally and physically. As her physical body is impacted and trying to recover, she is falling in love, learning or struggling to breastfeed, feeling sense of loss, or even fear and sadness during these hours/days/weeks/months and yet, they are trying to care for a baby who needs to much when mom needs so much. Mom is learning to be a mom and she needs the space to do just that.

As women, we expect a lot out of ourselves, pushing beyond our natural limitations and exhausting ourselves to the point of making ourselves sick. We want so badly to prove that our pregnancies aren’t going to get in the way of our physical capabilities, careers, education what have you. This is doing all women a disservice and doing more harm

good to ourselves. Our bodies need time and we don't need to rush this process.

Your postpartum emotional and physical recovery begin during pregnancy.

Mom needs to be taken care of so that she can begin the healing process but most of us expect her to bounce right back. It’s expected that she can go on and live her life as she did before, exercise and have the body she did before, BEFORE she recovers.

I know this from personal experience and now see it with the women that I work with. There is no real postpartum education that prepares mom for all of these changes. Lots of information about pregnancy and caring for baby which is great but the point is being missed in a really big way. For baby to thrive, mom needs to be well and that means giving her time and allowing her to take the time she needs to process her feelings and recover physically.

We a just not prepared enough during our pregnancies and we fall in love with the romantic idea that life will be perfect with baby, because that’s all we see. We don’t see the time it really takes to recover which is a real shock to the system.

Give yourself permission to heal.

Love your baby body,


Fitness and Your Pelvic Floor is an 2-hour interactive workshop that will give you a better understanding of how your pelvic floor and you core are impacted during pregnancy and how you can give yourself the tools to recover postpartum and how to get started in a safe and effective fitness program.

You will learn how to recognize pelvic floor dysfunctions, rehab your core, do a proper assessment for diastasis recti (aks ab separation), and we will be doing some healing exercises so that you can do them on your own at home.

This is ideal if you’re having a baby, a new mom, or a healthcare practitioner who wants a better understanding of the postpartum recovery process and what that means for your core and pelvic floor.

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