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Why "Listen To Your Body" May Not Be The Best Advice For Pregancy Exercise

If you’re reading this, you were probably told that when it comes to exercise during pregnancy, to listen to your body. This was advice that I was given as well. Any blog I read, trainers that I spoke with, and even my birth team. I look back now and will tell you that it’s the worst advice to give an expectant or new mom.

The problem with this advice is that most pregnant moms haven’t been educated on how they’re bodies are supposed to feel. They may notice a little something and brush it off as normal. If it doesn’t hurt, then I’m okay is what the common thought seems to be.

What I want you to know is that it doesn’t have to be painful. It could feel like a tingle or a pop. I’ve worked with some that experience unwanted leakage which may not be noticed until they feel a little something in their underwear. Again, this has become normalized in our society but is far from.

Some women feel great during their pregnancies and because of this, they gave themselves permission to work hard. When things didn’t bounce right back, especially in their midsection, they were confused. This is where they felt like they weren’t working hard enough and pushed even harder.

During pregnancy, as baby grows, your abdomen needs to make way. Our abs begin to separate and the connective tissue that runs in between, the Linea Alba stretches and becomes weak. This occurs in 100% of women by the latest stages of pregnancy (Mota et al 2014). For most (myself included), we don’t even know that there is an issue.

Baby is safe, tucked away in a well cushioned space. Exercise has wonderful benefits for both mom and baby but there is a point where moms health and body need to be take into consideration.

Instead, I ask this: What is the risk and what is the reward?

Just because you don’t feel anything, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Take the hormone Relaxin for example. you may not feel your joints and ligaments becoming more lax but your body is working hard to prepare for the birth of you baby. This is an important step in your pregnancy but it also increases your risks of injury. In my Fitness Guide for Pregnancy, I outline everything you need to stay safe during pregnancy including core and pelvic floor training tips. I also break down healthy weight management so that you can trust that your body is doing EXACLY what it needs.

Take the guesswork out of your fitness planning during pregnancy and become educated on how you can better put together your fitness program by downloading your free copy of Your Fitness Guide For Pregnancy.

Love your baby body,


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