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Can I lose Weight & Breastfeed?

I meet a lot of new moms and they automatically assume that because I’m a trainer, I can magically help them shed the pounds. What I need you to know is that I am more than an exercise professional, I’m an educator, birth and postpartum support worker, and a lifestyle coach. Most of the time when a new mom comes to me she wants to lose weight, but she often needs something else and it’s not to drop the pounds at lightning speed. She needs guidance, support on how to reach her goals safely.

Women are coming to me as early as 8-weeks postpartum, desperate to lose the baby weight and struggling with their body image. Sure, I could give them a meal plan and a workout that will get them results fast, but that’s not what she or her baby needs if she’s choosing to breastfeed.

There are things to consider when you are trying to lose the baby weight aggressively, especially when you’re early postpartum and breastfeeding. You must prioritize what your needs as well as your baby’s needs are and you have to make your realistic goals to be inline with your priorities.

If you want want to breastfeed and lose weight, your hormones will factor in as well as your nutritional needs. You need fuel to produce and adequate milk supply and to sustain your own energy levels. “A nursing woman needs between 200 – 500 extra calories per day, depending on her activity level and general state of nourishment. Although a breastfeeding mother will use some of her fat stores, if she is active she may need more food.” Intact Canada

During the first few months, you are establishing your milk supply and in recovery mode. Going for walks and light corrective core/pelvic floor exercise is really all that’s need. After all, in order to get into an intensive fitness routine, you need to focus on regaining your core, breathing and making sure your pelvic floor is in good working order to avoid injury or embarrassing mishaps. And, after being awake 24/7 with scattered sleep, you may not have the energy! I certainly didn’t.

Expect your weight-loss to be gradual over time. Fill your plate with lots of veggies, some protein and the smallest portion of starches/carbs. Eating mostly good food will help you to recover, light movement and corrective exercises will help you physically recover, and taking your time to get back to pre-baby weight will take the pressure off you emotionally.

Core Foundations is the perfect start for any new mom who wants to get started on a safe and effective exercise program. This program is entirely online and your workouts are delivered via your moble device using a handy app that is just like having a personal trainer in your diaper bag! Registration opening soon, so get your name on the list today! Click here to save your spot for free!

As always, love your baby body,



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