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All Diets Work Because of This Simple Reason

Good day, I hope you enjoyed this amazing weather!! I am so glad spring is finally here!!

Now that it's spring, I bet you're seeing a lot of programs promising weight-loss gold. They tell you that their program will give you the body of your dreams or you're seeing a ton of before and after pictures popping up on your news feed.

I hate before and after pictures for one simple reason, it's dishonest. They tell you that the program that the client had been on for only a few short week has solved all of their problems.

Temporarily yes and I'll explain why in a sec....

healthy pizza

Have you ever tried a diet? Could be any diet, vegan, paleo, weight watchers, low-carb, or maybe even a program that your friend sells from home?

These diets all have something in common, they work....yep, you heard me right. ALL of these diets work.

There is no secret formula, no magical cure, they just work because they all have one thing in common. They have you eat nutrient dense foods and encouraging you to move more. Whether it's portion control, meal replacements, eating less of something, more of something or, less calories in and more calories out is going to result in weight-loss. Bottom line.

Many of these programs require you to follow a meal plan or give you grocery lists to follow which includes good, nutritious food....which we all can benefit from!

So, it's not that you're eating less carbs, more fruits, shakes for breakfast and lunch, or going to meetings, it's because you're getting less calories and likely cutting out.

Why do diets fail you ask? Why do people gain the weight back?

healthy salad

There are millions of reasons people fall off track. It could be life, it could be that they feel so restricted and when a presented with treats they dive right in then feel guilty later, it could even be that the program doesn't work with their life in general, it could simply be that they fell off track, put the weight back on and gave up.

Dieting works in the short term, but most of us, we can't stick to them because something is missing. It's created by someone else and it's not unique to us.

My point, you don't need expensive diets or restriction to lose weight. You need to find what's stopping you from achieving your nutritional and weight loss goals and address them.

When seeing those before and afters or seeing ads promoting certain services that promise weight loss, remember that they do work-- but it's not a special blend of anything.

What are your thoughts when it comes to fad diets? Join the converstation on my Facebook page or click here to send me an email. I'm happy to answer all of your questions!!

Love your baby body,


Terrell Baldock

​​Terrell Baldock, Pre/Postnatal Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Birth & Postpartum Educator, and an Expert in Women's Wellness is on a mission to empower moms of all ages & stages to take control of thier health. She wants to put an end to the confusion around exercise during pregnancy and helps new moms recover during the earliest stages of postpartum which allows new moms to transition to thier new role with ease.

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