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Your Birth Matters In Your Postpartum Fitness Planning

When I'm assessing a new client, I kinda put them through the ringer (in a good way of course!

I want to address their alignment and diastasis recti. I want to about stressed in their life, eating habits, fitness history, medical history and I also ask about the nature of their birth.

It is extremely important to know that your birth matters in postpartum fitness planning. I would train a mom who is 6-weeks post caesarean than I would if you were 11-months post. I would also coach you differently if you had a traumatic birth or were experiencing a postpartum mood disorder of any kind. Your fitness prescription would also be different if you had a core and /or pelvic floor dysfunction.

water birth

When it comes to your postpartum fitness planning, remember that your body is revcovering. It took 9-months for your body to prepare so expect it to take atleast that for your body to completely recover.

Many of us are too quick to jump back into our regular fitness program regardless of the nature of your birth but your body has been through a lot and if you don't give it the proper tools, you may run into some problems down the road.

Educate yourself, talk to your caregiver and see a pelvic floor physio and work with a fitness professional who is qualified to help with postpartum fitness. Click here to see my qualifications) Sure, many trainers, coaches and fitness instructors may be certified but they may not be experienced with postpartum bodies. Put it this way, I've done CrossFit and enjoy it but in no way am I qualified to coach it. The same goes for someone who is training you during your early postpartum period (which is the first year btw)

This is why I've introduced My newest program, Post-Baby Rehab. This program is designed for for the very early stages of postpartum all the way to vetran moms who are ready to retrain their bodies before getting into a more intense fitness program. This class witll teach you proper breathing techniques to keep your core and pelvic floor safe from injury and reduce dysfuctions like incontenence or pelvic organ prolapse, prepare your body for more intense training prgrams like running, powerlifting, contact sports and more, and it will help you get back to the activities you love with complete confidence. This is the only Pelvic Floor Physio approved fitness program in London Ont that is for pregnant and postpartum moms. Class schedule is being posted soon and private sessions are available. To be the first to recieve a class schedule, place send me an email at

Whether you've had a c-section, forcep delivery or uncomplicated vaginal deliver, your core and pelvic floor need to be retrained because of what pregnancy brings on.

I don't promise quick results or encourage you to be restrictive. I don't even tell you that you must workout every day(I don't even do that!). I support you and encourages you to do your best. Some weeks or months will be better than others.

One thing I will tell you is to be compassionate to yourself. Learn to be kind to yourself. Love your baby body!!

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