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How To Reach Your Fitness Goals For Good With This Simple Tip!

What do all diets and fitness programs have in common? They require you to hop on a scale, they take measurements and that is downright scary!

Over the years, I noticed that this made most of my clients incredible anxious. The numbers were being valued more that the hard work that my clients were putting in. These numbers were the “pass” or “fail”. These numbers had way too much control.

Sure, tracking progress is important but when it creates stress and dictates the success of all of your hard work, this would become a problem. Beating yourself up because of these numbers is far from motivating.

The scale doesn’t give you a passing or failing grade. The scale doesn’t have value on your hard work. If the numbers are stressing you out, then it’s time to shift your mindset.

Weight loss

Create your goals based on performance instead. For example, many of my clients have trouble doing a squat when first start. So, that’s where we start. We make modifications and address the movement. We may need to stretch or foam roll to release tight muscles and within a week, the squat has improved. Then we will progressively build by adding weights or making the movement more complicated.

Finding the power within your body is pretty exciting and it beats the scale any day! This will give you way more confidence than a number on the scale and you are more likely to succeed longer term.

Love your baby body,


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