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What You Need To Know Before You Start a Mom & Baby Bootcamp

Group training, stroller bootcamps, mom and baby fitness classes are a popular choice for new moms who are ready to get out into the world again. It took months for me to be ready to feel like a human after both of my kids were born.

For many new moms, they are looking to regain their fitness level and get back into shape after the birth of their baby so why not join a stroller bootcamp or mom & baby fitness class? Seems like a good idea, after all, they are programs that are designed for new moms, right?

I like what these programs do for moms, I really do! It’s great for moms to have a sense of community, to know that they’re not on their own in this crazy life and to feel support by women who are in the same place. It’s great for women to feel connected to one another and trust me, movement in healing and very healthy post-pregnancy--the right movement.

When planning your fitness programming, the most common thing missed in many fitness programs is screening and understanding how the nature of a new mom’s birth needs to be considered in her fitness program. There is a HUGE difference between a mom who is 6-weeks postpartum and 6-months postpartum. There is an even bigger difference between a woman who is post C-Section and who has had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.

Many fitness programs include sprinting and jumping which may be fine for a mom that is 12 months postpartum but not such a good idea if a mom who has only had her baby 3 months past. They both are at different places in their healing process, emotionally, physiologically and physically.

Sure, bootcamps are fun and challenging which make them appealing but the intensity can cause some serious complications for a new mom who hasn’t taken the necessary steps in her rehab, like seeing a pelvic floor physio to make sure there are no signs of core or pelvic floor dysfunction. The core and the pelvic floor needs to be in a well functioning place before starting anything too intense and if there is a dysfunction, it needs to be well managed. Just because there are no obvious symptoms, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything happening

I’ve worked with many moms over the years that joined a fitness program believing that they were doing something good only to experience a pelvic organ prolapse which is a huge blow to them not only physically, but it affects her whole life. From relationships to rehab which can take months to recover from. Forcing a body back into shape before it’s ready is never recommended.

This isn’t to say that intense exercise is completely off the table for good and it doesn’t mean that your fitness program has to be boring.

Love your baby body,



Post-Baby Rehab is the only restorative fitness class for new moms that complements postpartum recovery. It addresses diastasis recti and other lingering issues like back and hip discomfort that are most common with motherhood, focuses on core and pelvic floor retraining back to optimal function, and it’s low impact so it’s helps to maintain hormonal balance which is typically quite different for new moms.

Mom and Baby Fitness London Ontario

The next group training cycle of Post-Baby Rehab begins February 7th and runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am for 6 weeks. This is the only fitness class for new moms that is approved by pelvic floor physios!

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