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When It Can't Always Be a Freaking Salad & Gym Shoes

I had an interesting talk with a mama the other day and about her perception of me. As a personal trainer, I guess some people automatically assume that I have the perfect diet and exercise religiously. I would like to have that, but at this point in my life, I sadly don’t.

I’m 4 months postpartum and have a very busy 3 year old. I’m running on almost no sleep and am lucky to brush my hair most days. Before fitness and having a clean diet, I’m a mom in survival mode. I’m human.

It’s easy to say “take care of yourself first”. I do my best, but when you go from growth spurt, to sleep regression, to cold and teething, shit gets hard.

When I was going through this period with my son, I was extremely hard on myself if I didn’t get to the gym and eat properly. Adding this extra pressure sent me into some very unhealthy patterns and a lot of negative self-talk. I thought I was taking care of myself but as I reflect back to that time, I wasn’t. My mental health was suffering.

Sure, exercise is a great form of self-care and it relieves stress, but you have to be realistic with your goals and be in the right head space. If you can't fit in a workout every single day for two hours, then don't. Aim for something a little more realistic, even if it's twice a week for 15-20 minutes.

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The Moral Of This Story

in motherhood, you are going to be periods where you are running on empty….especially with small children. It’s a time to be realistic with yourself and do what you can. If that means eating grilled cheese and going on mall walks, then do that. You don’t need the added stress of going all out.

Skip the gym and grab some burgers! Do what you need to save your sanity.

Take care of yourself and your baby(ies) and remember that this is temporary and you WILL be able to reach your goals. Timing is everything.

Love your baby body,


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