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The Reality of the Resolution Burnout

The New Year has come and gone and billions of resolutions have been made. I made a few myself, bother personal and professional. This is going to be my year. I’m putting the intention out there for all of you to see.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about how you can avoid the resolution burnout.

You see, I worked in a gym and this time of year is crazy busy! Many weight loss hopefuls making it their mission to drop the weight for good. I get it, I was a weight loss hopeful in my 20’s

I would sit down with many of these women who were pretty enthusiastic about their goals. They were excited about how they would drop the unwanted pounds and feel more confident about who they were.

We would discuss their plan (most didn’t have one and though coming to the gym alone would do the trick) They would watch DR Oz and get all kinds of health and weight loss info, read magazines and join weight loss nutrition programs (this was before the rise in social media). They thought that they had it all figured out (not judging as I was there at one point as well).

Most of these women would tell me that they didn’t need a trainer or a coach. They didn’t need the support or accountability. There were a select few who recognized that they did need help and got it. They were the ones who stayed committed. They were the ones who showed up to classes or training sessions and worked hard consistently. They got results!


So, if weight loss is your resolution, go for it! Taking control of your health is a wonderful way to start the year off, but it’s the hardest to keep when you’re on your own. We all need help with this and I am no exception!

Unfortunately, going to the gym or starting a workout DVD isn’t enough for the majority of us. You need to have a plan or you’re going to have resolution burnout in about 4-6 weeks. Finding a plan that works for you is going to be your key to success. If you know that you can only workout 20 minutes a day , 2 times a week, great! Do that! If you know that cutting out your 6 cups of coffee isn’t going to be easy, then don’t cut it out all at once. Slowly ween yourself off.

Try to be kind to yourself but realistic. Start with manageable goals first. If you can only walk to start off with, then don’t try and run a 5k. If you’re used to eating take out, then don’t go cold turkey and start a restrictive diet. Most importantly, get support. This can be in a Facebook group, group fitness class like Core Foundations where you get access to a coaching group for free, or get a group of friends together who have the same goals in mind. You can even book a Free 30-Minute Fitness Strategy Session and speak with me about how you can reach your goals and avoid burnout.

This is the time of year where people are over eager and go to extremes, get frustrated and give up. Let’s set you up for success in 2016!

Love Your baby body,


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