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The Most Important Thing I want For My Daughter: 1Year Postpartum

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Cass is going fast and I can’t seem to keep up with her busy personality.

Being a mom of 2 has been a tough transition. Showing both that I love them while trying to balance the rest of my life. It’s been a challenge and there were days I thought I would never make it through.

But I did!

Cass came busting into this world and she wasn’t going to wait for anyone. She was born on my bedroom floor in a matter of minute. (You can read more about Cass’s birth here.) Her personality is about the same. She waits for no one and always goes for what she wants.

I was afraid to be a mom of a girl, to be honest. I still worry about her navigating through this world. She is going to be bombarded with images of unrealistic bodies that may make her feel less than beautiful, she will be called names by other kids, and she will feel like her self-worth is wrapped up in how she looks.

This world values us based on our looks and I want more for my daughter. She deserves better.

This is how I once valued myself and having my daughter changed this. I’m happier in not wrapping my self-worth in my appearance or my body. I weight myself once or twice in the last year and I can’t tell you how freeing this is. Of course I like to dress up and look nice and be strong but most importantly I want to have body confidence and love myself for her. If my daughter sees me in this mindset, this is something she will have for herself.

I don’t ever want her to lose this confidence. I want her to always go for what she wants. She deserves that! She needs to see that from me, the strongest woman in her life. My values will be her values--not in the shes going to live through me kinda way, but more of a monkey see monkey do kinda way.

I have one year down and a million to go. This won’t be a perfect process. She will see me doubt myself at times and that’s okay too.

I love you baby girl. I love my baby body!


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