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Are You Doing "The Kegel"?

Have you been told to “kegal” or “stop the flow of urine” to strengthen the pelvic floor? This is a very common move for moms of all ages and stages but as we learn more about the pelvic floor and the various dysfunctions, we now know that kegels are not ideal for every woman.

The famous kegel. The magic move that will solve your pelvic problems--only if you don’t do it properly, is completely ineffective. Did you know that the majority of women are taught to do this wrong, it’s not meant to be done at a stop light or while watching a movie. It needs to be coordinated with your breathing.

How To Kegel

Are kegels for everyone? Unfortunately, we have been mislead to believe that it is but it isn’t. Let me explain:

If your pelvic floor is hypertonic (tight) then contracting a tight muscle is only going to make it tighter and it can't work optimally. How do you know it’s tight? There are a few symptoms that you may be overlooking or brushing off as normal but it might be your pelvic floor that’s in need of attention.

Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Lower back and hip pain or discomfort

  • Sciatic pain or spasm in the hip

  • Trouble passing urine or constipation

  • Discomfort or pain during intercourse, orgasm, or foreplay

Your pelvic floor needs to be treated just like every muscle in your body. If you continue to work it (like a kegel), it’s going to get tighter and cause you more discomfort. This is why I recommend seeing a pelvic floor physio when you work with me. Depending on their diagnosis, I develop a fitness plan that will help with the tension “down there” that won’t compromise your treatment.

Love your baby body,


Post-Baby Rehab is ideal for all new moms who are looking to rehab their core and pelvic floor post-pregnancy. This class take into consideration the unique needs of a woman’s body postpartum as well as builds strength in all of the muscle groups new moms need it most. We also focus on releasing tight muscles which aid in full body relaxation and pelvic floor/core recovery.

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